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September, 2002
Just wrapped another episode of Enterprise. Dead Stop will air on October 9th. It was a blast to work on! Our gang makes a deal with an automated repair station, which we discover has a mind of its own. The concept was great. After the episode airs please ask questions you may have by posting them on the message board. I will go through them and answer as many as I can in a posted response the following week. Remember that Enterprise’s second season premieres this Wednesday. I hope you will all be watching!
Several people at various cons who have stories about their personal experiences with Chinese adoption have approached me. This subject, as many of you know, is a passion of mine. Please post your stories to the message board so that we may share them with our friends here. I have been very touched by the responses I have received when discussing the situation there and the charity Half The Sky Foundation. Your stories should be shared.
November, 2001
Well the world has changed since last I wrote. I awoke early the morning of September 11th to have some time to myself. I wanted to write in my journal, evaluate the last year of my life and prepare to enter the next year. I had no idea that as I contemplated my birthday... the world was about to change. Pen in hand, the TV on mute I glanced up to see the first smoking tower of the World Trade Center. The rest of this unfathomable event unfolded before me as my husband and children still slept.
The events of September 11th have been spoken of constantly since that day in words sometimes eloquent, sometimes restrained. More often it was the pauses between the words that spoke volumes. There have been stories both devastating and inspiring, stories which brought me to my knees and at the same time elevated my spirit. Hopefully we have each taken time to reevaluate our lives in light of recent events. If any good can come out of such horror, perhaps we have all come together a bit. Put aside petty differences in an attempt to find our common denominator, our humanity.
I was in England when the war on terrorism began. As the bombs began to drop we huddled around television sets bonded as allies. Thanks to all of you who attended Supernova. Your compassion was deeply felt and appreciated.
Warm regards,
Roxann Dawson

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